5 ways to wear a skirt.

  1. With a top (duh)

    Obviously. But in case you’re at a loss of which top to wear, wear a vest or ganjee tucked into your floral skirt.

How to wear your skirt in innovative


2. Under a dress.

A skirt is a good way to add length to your favourite mini dress. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, team prints together.

Layer your skirt under a dress | 5 ways to wear a skirt

3. Over a dress

If you’re bored of everything in your wardrobe, layering a floral skirt over an old dress can totally revamp the look.

How to wear a skirt in 5 different ways | Wear it over a dress

4. Under an oversized shirt or jacket

Throw on a denim or houndstooth jacket/oversized shirt over your top-skirt combo.

How to wear your skirt in 5 ways | Wear it under an oversized jacket or shirt


5. Under a slit dress

Have a dress or tunic with a surprisingly high slit? Wear a skirt underneath for a fun peekaboo moment.

How to wear your skirt in 5 ways | Wear it under a slit dress


Okay, that’s all for now.

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Midi skirt, sorry we didn’t acknowledge you sooner.

Say hello to the midi skirt. Already a few seasons old, the trend is yet to gain mass acceptance amongst self-proclaimed fashionistas and the youth. And it’s kind of surprising as Indian celebrities¬†like Sonam Kapoor and gang have already worn the midi on numerous occasions.

Indian celebrities and how they chose to wear the midi skirt.

Although I won’t recommend wearing it the way¬†these gorgeous women have (read the top they’ve chosen to pair with the skirt), this example tells you that the midi skirt is flattering. And very much in vogue.

Then why are we still shying away from it?

Chances are, it’s our obsession with mini skirts and all things short that beat the midi out of the race, every time we go shopping.

And maybe because we can never understand what top will go with the midi skirt.

Check out how these women are pulling off the midi. See, how¬†they’ve paired it with everything from¬†sweaters, bralets and camisoles¬†to¬†even a collared shirt!

Still not sure? Buy a basic tank top from Forever 21 and team it up with your midi skirt. Accessorise with a simple neckpiece like this or this. .

Alternatively, you can choose to go modest with a top like this.


Or you could choose to wear a well fitted denim top with your midi. Like this.


Or you could wear it with a simple check top. Like this.

To buy your top, click here.

Okay. So now, hopefully I have alleviated any fears you may have had about the midi skirt.

So read right on, and check out the 5 cutest midi skirts in the market.

  1. The thigh-high slit skirt | Zara | Rs. 2,890


2. First time florals | Zara | Rs. 3,490


3. Hot spring nights | Rs. 2799 | Buy it here


4. Unexpected romance | Rs. 2250 | Buy it here


5. Play it safe midi | Rs. 1,699 | Buy it here



I hope I’ve convinced you to step out of your comfort zone of blue jeans and white tops.

The length of the midi makes it safe for work, while a change into a skimpier top in the evening can make you date-ready in seconds.

Until, my next post.

Happy shopping. ūüôā


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Quick tips from a self-confessed fashion snob

1. There is a story behind every outfit

Okay, I don‚Äôt mean to put designers out of business‚Ķ I just aim to put you into one ‚Äď the business of creating your own fashion. Of styling yourselves for self-expression.¬† Of dressing according to occasion, weather, mood‚Ķ In fact, consciously or unconsciously, already, everything from your state of mind to the exciting date you went for the night before influences your choice of outfit at a given moment. Don‚Äôt snort! I am not kidding.

I don’t know about you, but my baggiest t-shirt miraculously finds its way through my head onto my shoulders, on days that I am too bored/lazy/irritated to dress up AND more interestingly, on days I am feeling…hold your breath… naughty, excited or even SEXY!

Now, that I have (and embarrassingly so) described my go-to outfit for two extreme situations, I realize, that since I am going to be feeling a lot of the former (if not the latter) situation, I had better stock up on tees that don’t have my college logo emblazoned across it!

Talking about t-shirts, I personally like them a little slouchy, with wide armholes. Forever 21 has some amazing options for basics.

Like this one.

Forever 21 T-shirt

Get it here

The best part about this tee? You can pull it on upon everything from withered, fraying denims and little floral skirts to even maxi dresses!!

Here is an interesting way to work the slouchy tee trend.

Forever 21 T-shirt

Get it here

So, can you pull this off?

Tip: Look it up online to choose styles that interest you, and head to the store the following weekend to grab it! ALWAYS try before you buy.

The good thing about Forever 21 is that their basics can even be worn with ghagras and sometimes with sarees too!  When you go in, analyse a style based on what it would look like with shorts, sarees, skirts, lehengas and dresses!

For example, a black fitted basic works wonders with a silk saree and an ornamental neckpiece.


Maybe its time we look to Anamika Khanna for inspiration. Her knack for creating fabulous outfits from seemingly contrasting elements for Sonam Kapoor is something we can all be inspired by.

2. An interesting thing about crop-tops

I know…I know…I have bitched about this style in a previous blog post, but that was primarily because the streets of Bandra and Colaba were exploding with machine-made replicas of the same pattern in alarmingly-large versions of prints that once dominated the runways.

The motifs of sunglasses, owls and elephants. God!

But, (and this is where the story gets a twist), should you choose to walk in one of the many boutiques Bandra has to offer and pick up a fitted version, say a gold sequinned one that may seem too jarring at first glance, pause and think of the old Kanjeevaram in your mom’s closet. Looking better already?

3.  When it comes to Indian-wear, everything doesn’t work anymore

No more shoddily tailored anarkalis or Christmas-tree inspired sarees. It’s time to build a skyscraper-high bonfire OF EVERYTHING that has polyester, nylon or synthetic in it. No faux-chiffons or georgettes, please.

When I say Indian, I mean true Indian. Go back to the loom, go back to the start. Go back to khadis, block-prints, silks, tussars, cottons‚Ķ Get ‚Äėclass‚Äô back into Indian-wear.

Think sustainable, green and natural.

4. And when it comes to western-wear, walk away from the usual

A heady mix of sets and separates are ideal for a well-rounded wardrobe. From boyfriend-tees to statement-setting dresses, from distressed jeans to bright gypsy skirts, from sheer blouses to hand-embroidered jackets; your wardrobe should be a canvas painted on with a myriad different hues and mediums.

Especially, as you have the advantage of being born in a country admired for its colours and crafts. Borrow the colourful skirt from the Banjara tribe in Rajashtan, the gold hoop earrings, the nath and the fitted blouses from the Maharashtrian woman, the anklet from the local woman who giggles on her way to her chores, the gajra from the Tamil (check reference) woman, the big red-bindi from the Bengali mother, and use it to lend interest to your everyday attire.

There is no classification in fashion. It’s about whether you have the balls to pull it off. And, the desire to make a difference. To preserve the heritage of a country so rich in culture, to celebrate the yarns that the village-woman passionately weaves into fabric, to wear what this country so passionately produces, that which has awed outsiders for generations.

To wear that which has lovingly been created.

That’s all. Till my next (and hopefully more¬†visual¬†post)

– S.K