Chai High curates 4 looks for you.

You don’t always have to match your shoes to your bag, and nobody says you need to choose between sensibilities. The key lies in mixing it up.  Be it in the form of an unexpected pop of Ikat in an otherwise sporty ensemble, or a pair of furry bedroom-inspired slides to lighten up a blazer. Take the boudoir to the streets, the boardroom to the ball, and the mountain to the beach. Let your clothing traverse between geographies, as you wear different parts of the Atlas on your sleeves. This season, nobody’s asking you to be “propah”. In fact, we’re asking you to be the opposite. 

It’s about letting your look be a map of the places you’ve lived in, places you’ve visited, and the places you want to visit.

Hope you enjoy this edit.

Look 1

Look 1 of the 4 looks curated by Shivani Krishan of Chai High - an Indian Fashion Blog, featuring an Ikat top by Iyla, a canvas and leather backpack, a denim skort by Zara and a pair of white embroidered sneakers by Zara.

Look 2

Look 2 of the 4 looks curated by Shivani Krishan of Chai High - an Indian Fashion Blog, featuring a blue frayed crop top by The Pot Plant, a blue pleated skirt by The Pot Plant, a tote by the 500 BC and tan leather thong sandals by Gush, all found on

Look 3

Look 3 of the 4 looks curated by Shivani Krishan of Chai High - an Indian Fashion Blog, featuring an anti fit dress, sling bag and slides by Zara, The Pot Plant, and Cord

Look 4

Look 4 of the 4 looks curated by Shivani Krishan of Indian Fashion Blog - Chai High. This look features a box blazer by Doodlage, a crop top by Doodlage and Nete, a pair of box pleat skorts and green faux fur bejewelled slides by Zara, and a green satchel by Viari

These looks feature separates from two of my recent favourite places – Zara (who has moved beyond the classic), and

While all items from can be shopped online, for Zara, you’re going to have to visit the store.

Happy Shopping. 🙂


The Indian Scarlett O’Hara

I’ve always been intrigued by Scarlett. I was about 14 when I read Gone with the Wind, and every essay henceforth was either based on the book, or the character, including the one I wrote in my board exams.

It should therefore come as no surprise that Scarlett’s sartorial sensibilities have made their way into my aesthetics, and have inspired some (if not all) of my creations.

Scarlett was bold and knew what she’d look good in. She dressed to highlight her best features – like when she wore green to compliment her catty eyes the time she met Rhett in jail, or when she pulled her dress just a tad lower to show off her fair shoulders. She was proud of her tiny waist – achieved no doubt by a rib crunching corset (the concept of which I disagree with – fashion should not be injurious to health; though not the intention – which was to highlight her best feature), and she didn’t give a damn what the world thought of her – whether it was dancing in the black crepe of mourning with a strange man, or riding a buggy to oversee business with the Yankees.

Scarlett was strong, beautiful and she knew how to work her strengths to her advantage. This outfit is built on that sentiment – take what’s best about you and enhance it to the moon. This outfit draws attention to the waist – “upper” waist mind you, while covering the problem areas – tummy, love-handles, thighs and hips with a flared, multi-layered skirt.

Polka Dotted Cotton Lehenga | Designed and Illustrated by Shivani Krishan | Chai High is an Indian Fashion Blog started by Shivani Krishan | This illustration has also been shared on Shivani Krishan's Instagram handle - chai_high_illustrated

A long, flared gown with layers of lace and frills underneath, is the starting point for my lehenga design. I’ve replaced the corset with a tiny draped choli that lets you breathe (Thank God for little pleasures), and shows off your midriff. An Indian style dupatta with gota motifs completes the look.

In terms of fabric, I’m imagining pure woven cotton – polka dots for the outfit, solid white for the frills and petticoat. Perfect for brides who’d rather avoid bling.

The hair is kept short and jewellery is traditional Indian gold. The illustration is almost a creation of a new sensibility, one that brings the aesthetics of the west and marries it with the silhouettes of the east.

Scarlett may have taken self-preservation a bit too far. But she certainly knew how to rock a trend. Let’s learn from her the art of dressing, as well as resolve never to make the mistakes she made.

If you haven’t read the book, you can buy it here.

A quick guide to what to wear for New Years. (Even if you’re staying in).

Some of us are planning to drink and dance, some are planning house-party hopping and the rest are thinking of staying in and drinking wine under the covers. Well, whatever be your plan, here’s what we suggest you buy, to make your new-years a little more new. 🙂

Hope you enjoy this edit.

A knockout when going out

Nothing like a sheer, short number to dance the year away. Wear with leather ankle boots and gold jewellery.

Tulle and Knit Dress | Zara | Check it out here

A black tulle and knit dress by Zara - perfect for a New Year's Eve spent dancing | Chai High is an Indian Fashion Blog started by Shivani Krishan

Stay in like a kingpin

If you’re like me, you’d choose a warm, snuggly pair of sweatpants in a hue that’ll match the wine you’ll drink while Netflixing the hell out of 2016.

Sweatpants | H&M | Check it out here

Plum coloured H&M Trackpants for a News Year Eve spent cuddling under a blanket at home | Chai High is an Indian Fashion Blog started by Shivani Krishan

Beach vibes with your tribe

If you were smart enough to realise that you needed to get the hell out of the cities, this easy-breezy super-chic number is for you. Wear it while staying put on the beach from sundown to sunrise.

Ikat Jumpsuit | Khara Kapas | Shop here

A Khara Kapas Ikat jumpsuit for New Years Eve spent at the beach | Chai High is an Indian Fashion Blog started by Shivani Krishan

House party? You got yourself free beer, smarty.

You got yourself a free alcohol pass, which means you should splurge on a nice jumper for the occasion. A slouchy off-shoulder jumper is comfy, stylish and will keep you warm when you’re not dancing yourself sweaty.

Off-shoulder sweater | H&M | Check it out here

H&M off-shoulder pastel jumper | New year's eve fashion | Chai High is an Indian Fashion Blog started by Shivani Krishan

Sleeping early? Stay cozy.

If you want to stay away from all the hype and for once turn in at the right time  (something you’re hoping to carry forward to 2017), get this darling duvet from Nicobar.

Chevron Twin Duvet | Nicobar | Shop here

Chevron Duvet by Nicobar to stay in on New Years | Chai High is an Indian Fashion Blog started by Shivani Krishan

Well, that’s all for now. Have an amazing what-remains-of-2016 and make sure you draft realistic resolutions for the new year.