Mirror selfies. Done in style.

Hello people,

It’s Saturday today and 7:58 in the morning here in Mumbai. I woke up at 6:30. To run. Yeah right. ūüėČ Didn’t so much as lift my finger to plug in my Macbook to watch some Suits. And meanwhile¬†took¬†Vogue’s advice on who to follow on¬†Instagram. From Kazakhstan.

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And after my¬†routine bout¬†of self-pity, a habit I just can’t seem to shake off, even after repeated reading of “Spiritual” texts and “self-help” guides and quotes that people share on Facebook, and a mug of chai (of course),¬†I am now starting on doing something productive.

Anyway, so again, since we are on Chai High, which is supposed to be my blog on fashion and anti-fashion, I’ve put together a few fashion (and anti-fashion) selfies I’d clicked over the past few months. You can read more about my article¬†on how to be¬†stylish effortlessly, here.

Mirror Selfie #1

So, on this day, I was wearing a white knee-length dress with a saree blouse and gold Kolhapuri slippers. To see the complete look, click here.

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Shivani Krishan is wearing a white knee length dress from Janpath with gold leather kolhapuri slippers from Linking Road | Chai High | Indian Fashion Blog | Mumbai | March 2016 | Long curly bob | Selfie

Mirror Selfie 2

My mom bought me this dress from Bangkok. It’s crafted in this slinky material that flatters your body beautifully.

I chose to add more texture to this outfit by wrapping an Indian printed dupatta around my neck and slinging on a gold, hot pink and green bag. I matched my slippers to the bag.

What do you think about this look?

Shivani Krishan is wearing a black printed flowing dress from Bankok with a printed dupatta and a kitsch sling bag | Chai High | Indian Fashion Blog | Selfie

Here’s a close-up of the very kitsch slippers I wore with my dress.

Wool embellished Kolhapuri slippers | Chai High | Indian Fashion Blog | Kitsch Style | Best

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Mirror Selfie 3

This one was at night when I was feeling a little low (and gothic in my head). Hence the darkness. However, the dress in light couldn’t be happier. It’s a blue printed Forever 21 maxi dress. Perfect for the beach and light summer evenings.

Shivani Krishan is wearing a printed maxi dress from Forever 21 | Chai High | Indian Fashion Blog

Mirror Selfie 4

What I wore to work two days back. It’s a basic blue pair of boyfriend jeans from United Colors of Benetton and a white sleeveless long shirt that I’ve worn tucked in. I teamed it up with brown leather brogues from a shop called Shoe Biz on Linking Road, Mumbai.

Shivani Krishan wearing blue jeans and a white sleeveless tucked in shirt with red Doc Martin boots | Chai High | Indian Fashion Blog | April 2016 | Mumbai | Curly long bob | Brown Holi Bag | Selfie

Mirror Selfie 5

Again, from my Goth phase, this is what I wore to bed and to my early morning cup of tea.

I was trying to mimic the illustration on my cupboard door. haha! ūüėÄ

Shivani Krishan is wearing black and white check shorts and a graphic printed t-shirt | Chai High | Indian Fashion Blog | Nightwear | Selfie

Mirror Selfie 6

This selfie marked the end of my Goth phase. Read more here, on my Instagram account.

Shivani Krishan is wearing a navy blue camisole with a straight long skirt handcrafted from traditional Bhutan fabric | Chai High | Indian Fashion Blog

Well, I hope you liked my looks and my phases in this series of mirror selfies. Stay tuned for more.

Have a happy weekend. ūüôā



Quora is the new Tinder. And self-love is the new goal.

A few years ago, my friend had commented on this really good¬†answer given by a guy on Quora. And she’d written, “I wish I had a boyfriend like you.”

It was such a good answer that she’d shown us all. I don’t remember much of it, though.

Years passed. And life took over. But fate had something different planned.

Because… last month, they met again.¬†But this time on Tinder.¬†And the rest, as they say, is history.

_ _ _

You’ve broken up recently. Say around 5 to 11¬†months ago. ¬†You were hung-up over everything about him. But with each passing day, you’re better. You’ve never been¬†this fit. You’ve never even looked this hot. And your skin is just glowing from all the free time you’ve had after your break up. Time you’ve spent primping and polishing and shining it. You’ve been sleeping 10 hours every night so your dark circles have gone. You aren’t eating out anymore so your skin’s glowing with home-cooked health.¬†And you feel like you’re ready for another whirlwind of sleepless nights, bottles of wine and Chinese takeout.

So what do you do? Traditionally you’d ask a friend to set you up. Or you’d log on to Tinder.

But wait a second? Why don’t you try Quora?

Yes, you heard me. Quora. The forum where people ask questions (some of them really lame) and experts answer them (some of them really well).

And who knows whose answer you may like? Or who may like YOUR answer?


And if Quora doesn’t work, there’s LinkedIn (for fellow frustrated-with-their-job people), Zomato (for fellow foodies), Art Parasites (for fellow poets and healers) and Twitter (for fellow opinion expressers).¬†Or you could always go to a bookshop, coffee shop, library, monument or the queue outside the loo at a bar and try your luck.

And, if none of this works, then maybe you need to take more time out sleeping, reading and pampering yourself. And when the self-love is skyrocketing, try again.

It’s indeed true and I have seen so myself. The minute your self-love increases, you find love from elsewhere too. It’s uncanny. I guess inner happiness reflects outside. And you begin giving out positive vibes. So much so, that people are attracted to you from back in time (like this Quora story). Or from unexplored territories (Like someone you didn’t even speak to, suddenly walks into your life and says hello).

But,¬†because this is Chai High and it is supposed to be a fashion blog, I’ve of course, got to bring the topic back to fashion.

So why don’t you go this evening and do something that makes you¬†love yourself even more? Like going to the gym and working yourself sweaty. Or buying a dress that shows off those curves.


And if the way you look doesn’t affect your state of mind, then do the things that you know will spark you off. Like writing a story, painting a scenery, cracking an idea or nailing a presentation. And when you’re done loving yourself, you’ll find love. And not just romantic love. Family love, friend love and maybe even dog love!

So, this Monday, drive away the blues by doing something that’ll make you feel great about yourself. It could even be something like giving up a bad habit.¬†Smoking. Or it could be something like calling up a friend¬†you haven’t spoken to in¬†years.

And maybe someone from ten years ago may show up out of nowhere. And it could be your lucky charm.

_ _ _




Quick tips from a self-confessed fashion snob

1. There is a story behind every outfit

Okay, I don‚Äôt mean to put designers out of business‚Ķ I just aim to put you into one ‚Äď the business of creating your own fashion. Of styling yourselves for self-expression.¬† Of dressing according to occasion, weather, mood‚Ķ In fact, consciously or unconsciously, already, everything from your state of mind to the exciting date you went for the night before influences your choice of outfit at a given moment. Don‚Äôt snort! I am not kidding.

I don’t know about you, but my baggiest t-shirt miraculously finds its way through my head onto my shoulders, on days that I am too bored/lazy/irritated to dress up AND more interestingly, on days I am feeling…hold your breath… naughty, excited or even SEXY!

Now, that I have (and embarrassingly so) described my go-to outfit for two extreme situations, I realize, that since I am going to be feeling a lot of the former (if not the latter) situation, I had better stock up on tees that don’t have my college logo emblazoned across it!

Talking about t-shirts, I personally like them a little slouchy, with wide armholes. Forever 21 has some amazing options for basics.

Like this one.

Forever 21 T-shirt

Get it here

The best part about this tee? You can pull it on upon everything from withered, fraying denims and little floral skirts to even maxi dresses!!

Here is an interesting way to work the slouchy tee trend.

Forever 21 T-shirt

Get it here

So, can you pull this off?

Tip: Look it up online to choose styles that interest you, and head to the store the following weekend to grab it! ALWAYS try before you buy.

The good thing about Forever 21 is that their basics can even be worn with ghagras and sometimes with sarees too!  When you go in, analyse a style based on what it would look like with shorts, sarees, skirts, lehengas and dresses!

For example, a black fitted basic works wonders with a silk saree and an ornamental neckpiece.


Maybe its time we look to Anamika Khanna for inspiration. Her knack for creating fabulous outfits from seemingly contrasting elements for Sonam Kapoor is something we can all be inspired by.

2. An interesting thing about crop-tops

I know…I know…I have bitched about this style in a previous blog post, but that was primarily because the streets of Bandra and Colaba were exploding with machine-made replicas of the same pattern in alarmingly-large versions of prints that once dominated the runways.

The motifs of sunglasses, owls and elephants. God!

But, (and this is where the story gets a twist), should you choose to walk in one of the many boutiques Bandra has to offer and pick up a fitted version, say a gold sequinned one that may seem too jarring at first glance, pause and think of the old Kanjeevaram in your mom’s closet. Looking better already?

3.  When it comes to Indian-wear, everything doesn’t work anymore

No more shoddily tailored anarkalis or Christmas-tree inspired sarees. It’s time to build a skyscraper-high bonfire OF EVERYTHING that has polyester, nylon or synthetic in it. No faux-chiffons or georgettes, please.

When I say Indian, I mean true Indian. Go back to the loom, go back to the start. Go back to khadis, block-prints, silks, tussars, cottons‚Ķ Get ‚Äėclass‚Äô back into Indian-wear.

Think sustainable, green and natural.

4. And when it comes to western-wear, walk away from the usual

A heady mix of sets and separates are ideal for a well-rounded wardrobe. From boyfriend-tees to statement-setting dresses, from distressed jeans to bright gypsy skirts, from sheer blouses to hand-embroidered jackets; your wardrobe should be a canvas painted on with a myriad different hues and mediums.

Especially, as you have the advantage of being born in a country admired for its colours and crafts. Borrow the colourful skirt from the Banjara tribe in Rajashtan, the gold hoop earrings, the nath and the fitted blouses from the Maharashtrian woman, the anklet from the local woman who giggles on her way to her chores, the gajra from the Tamil (check reference) woman, the big red-bindi from the Bengali mother, and use it to lend interest to your everyday attire.

There is no classification in fashion. It’s about whether you have the balls to pull it off. And, the desire to make a difference. To preserve the heritage of a country so rich in culture, to celebrate the yarns that the village-woman passionately weaves into fabric, to wear what this country so passionately produces, that which has awed outsiders for generations.

To wear that which has lovingly been created.

That’s all. Till my next (and hopefully more¬†visual¬†post)

– S.K