One Week Of Style

Hello generous-followers-who-actually (hopefully)-read-my-blog,

I’ve started this thing on Instagram. You know, one of those hashtag contest/activity like things. Thanks to everybody’s suggestions to do something meaningful, something with an “idea” otherwise, I’ll drown in the sea of packed-like-sardines hashtags with no real engagement.

Anyway, so I came up with this BRILLIANT idea (right!) to post a picture of what I wore for a week and (yes, so smart isn’t it) I encouraged others to share their outfits too, for the gigantic reward on being featured on MY blog. Yes, you heard me. MY blog.

And, the hashtag I came up with for this exciting, new idea *roll-eye-emoticon* was #OneWeekOfStyle.

So original.

The interesting thing in this entire story is probably the fact that every one of these pictures will be taken in the exact same spot (Don’t ask me where. Shhh…my office loo), and hence it will lead in to a fun GIF at the end.

Anyway, so since I started this thing on Tuesday, I have just put up 3 pictures on Insta right now. Here they are.

You too, can participate in this humble (but fun) initiative and after a week, won’t it be exciting to see what you wore?

You can even compare looks, hairstyles and see your varying styles. I think, it’s fun.

Day 1:

Plaid Dress: Forever 21 | Sandals: Charles and Keith

I wore my plaid school girl forever 21 dress with Charles and Keith Sandals | Chai High is an Indian Fashion Blog started by Shivani Krishan
Once in a while, it’s fun to work school girl chic. Hello quarter-life crisis.


Day 2:

Black basic vest: Forever 21 | Black handloom skirt: Designed by mom

I wear basics from high street labels with indigenous, handcrafted fabrics | Chai High is an Indian Fashion Blog started by Shivani Krishan
How I wore high-street with Indian handicraft. *feeling cool*

Day 3:

Midi Dress: Cotton-on | Kolhapuri Slip-ons: Linking Road, Bandra

I wore my black midi dress with slits with Gold kolhapuri slip-ons and a statement pendant | Chai High is an Indian Fashion blog started by Shivani Krishan
Does it really look like I forgot to wear pants? Because, people often think I did. Also I wouldn’t admit it, but in my head I agree with those who called it a kurta without salwar. 

In one shot, here are my 3 looks.


To participate, all you have to do is upload your pictures on Instagram using the hashtag #OneWeekOfStyle.

Chalo, I got to go and work.


Great Design at wholesale price? That’s Thieve.

We all know buying straight from wholesalers is cheap.

But isn’t it too much effort in real? And too dubious online?

So what if someone swooped out of nowhere and applied a couple of filters to the process?

What if, someone went to (China’s largest direct buying portal) and put the awesome-est, most reliable products in one neatly designed space?

That is exactly what Tim Scullin’s Thieve is doing.

Curated by bloggers, photographers, designers and other creative people around the world, Thieve brings you designer products at ridiculously low prices. Plus only those products with really good reviews have been selected. Which means zero fakes.

And FREE or low shipping costs on these already low-priced designer products, makes these cool products even cooler.

So you can get yourself a delightfully designed product that is genuine and cheap, easily!

Thanks to  Tim Scullin’s Thieve.

Here are some of my favourites.

(Once you go to the link, click ‘VIEW ON ALI EXPRESS’ to buy)

  1. Colourful Pendant Light Socket | Know more here.

colourful pendant light socket

2. Men’s Quilted Duffle Bag | Know more here

Mens Quilted Duffle Bag

3. Genuine Leather Macbook Sleeve | Know more here

Macbook Leather Sleeve

4. Bamboo Handle Toothbrush | Know more here

Bamboo Handle Toothbrush

5. Wood Leather Watch | Know more here

Wood Leather Watch

6. Bamboo Wooden Sunglasses | Know more here

Bamboo Wooden Sunglasses

7. Canvas Hanging Hammock Chair | Know more here

Canvas Hanging Hammock Chair

8. Gold Antler Ring | Know more here

Gold Antler Ring

9. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs | Know more here

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

10. Youth Embroidered Baseball Cap | Know more here

Youth Embroidered Baseball Cap


I love all of these products. And more. Especially as these are indeed one-of-a-kind.

So I suggest you go to Thieve and shop for your favourite products. There are games, clothes, lamps and a zillion other things, all handpicked by creative people. So, yes, it’s all in good taste. 😉

Moreover, the website’s neat design makes shopping and scrolling a joy. It indeed feels like a walk into a designer’s personal website. Think bright popping objects on white background and all. Truly, love at first sight.

In fact, now each time I have to find a gift for someone, I’m going to go to Thieve. It’s got stuff everybody would like to receive.

If you want to read more about Thieve, click here.

You can make collections, swipe left or right like Tinder, and get directed to shop some really cool designer stuff.

I hope you love Thieve, as much as I do. 🙂

If you want to know what else I like apart from the above, click here


The story behind Chai High

I never liked Tea.

Ironic. Because my father like his father before him works in the tea-gardens.

collageAs a child, I thought it was one of those burn-the-tongue, fiery hot beverages, a stark opposite to the tooth-numbing ice-creams, meant to be had by grown-ups.

Coffee, was still a once in a while deal. But tea? Argh! Not at all.

I think I must be in the 9th grade in boarding school when I was introduced to actually drinking it as a beverage. I don’t know whether it was the monotony of hostel food, or a way to give company to a tea-drinking friend, but one hot April I tasted the elixir that was to appear in a zillion Facebook updates, and spam friends and strangers, leading a couple to ‘unfriend’ me too. (I’m sure).

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.35.58 am

And as 9th grade turned into 10th grade and the dreaded board exams drew near and pressure from family and teachers and nosy relatives grew, the need to stay awake (and energetic) for long hours mounted. And before I realised, from one mug a day, I was on to FOUR giant mugs of tea. Back-to-back.

Hell, yeah! I was a chugher of TEA!

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.35.40 am

And from being an ice-cream eater, I turned into a tea addict.

Ice-cream or tea? Tea.

Lunch or tea? Tea.

Chocolates or tea? Tea.

And once I walked into a pub and asked if they had tea.

Yeah. That bad.

It became my go-to, my come-to, my everything-to. When I was sad, it was tea. If I was happy, tea. When I was bored, tea. When I was confused, tea. The answer to all of life’s mysteries soon became tea.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.32.54 amThankfully, it wasn’t an expensive addiction.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.32.33 am


And every time, I read an article detailing the benefits of tea, I was like “yayiee!”

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.32.11 am

My friends in school would say, “Shivani, you get high on tea. So when you come to my place, I won’t give you tea. Who knows what you may say in front of my family?!”

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.18.04 amI don’t know what it is about tea. Maybe, it’s the caffeine that gets me up and about. Or maybe it’s the taste that brings all my senses to attention.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.00.32 am

I crave it at parties, at work, in the mornings and just before bed. I crave it at vacations, in between meals and sometimes right after another cup of tea.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.20.52 am

So, when I started this blog, I knew, I just wouldn’t be able to write without a tea-fix. And, if you were to listen to my friends, how would I be after a mug of tea?

Chai High.

_ _ _

About the writer.


Shivani Krishan is a MAYO-ite, NIFT-ian and MICA-n, but as if in contradiction to her ‘premier’ and ‘crème de la crème’ (read snobbish) taste in schools and education, she is forever broke, partially depressed for being broke, and is on a constant lookout for something that matches her fluctuating interests.

She tells herself that being a “starving writer” is cool, but then again, she can’t really decide whether she’d rather be a “starving” writer, artist, graphic designer or fashion designer. So she alternates between professions just as she alternates between moods and skills and cities. She may not be a traveller, but she’s sort of a nomad, having lived in 5 cities.

From ‘Fashion’ in Kolkata to ‘Marketing’ in Delhi, ‘Art Direction’ in Ahmedabad to ‘Copywriting’ in Mumbai, she’s practiced something different in each city. And to bring everything she loves together, she’s started Chai High.

Hope you enjoy this blog.:)