10 outstanding examples of creative dressing

I am not a good photographer. At least not yet. Which is why, to illustrate my yarns of copy (yes, I love to write), I shall attach images borrowed from Indian blog wearabout. Beautifully shot by photographer Manouwearabout curates images of street style from Indian and Bhutan.

And I’d like to share some of these photographs to help you guys get an idea as to what I mean when I say “dress creatively”.

Check it out.

  1. Opposites attract | When Check met Floral


What I love about her is how she has combined seemingly contrasting prints (checks and florals) and made it work so well together. Well, well, on first glance, most of us if asked if the two go together would undoubtedly exclaim, “Hell no!”.

Doesn’t hurt to experiment does it? Well, the results clearly show. The fitted vest balances the looseness of the anti-fit skirt/lungi.

Chai High Tip: Next time, think twice before you throw away that old wraparound.

2. Layer, layer on the wall


He has worn a shirt. And then another shirt. And then wrapped a jacket around his waist. Wait, are those pants knit? Love his flair. Especially because, not many men can pull it off.

3. Because, Orange is the new black.


Don’t shy away from wearing socks with pumps. See how it good it looks!

4. Comfy in a saree


A striped blouse and a printed saree? OMG! One would never think, right? You’d be like, “Hey ,wear a hot-pink blouse. It’ll look epic.”

Thank God, she didn’t take your advice.

5. Flower girl

Here’s how to wear the midi skirt. Go today and buy one.

6. Librarian-chic


Stern yet fun. Wine and purple and brown and white. Interesting colours. Interesting silhouettes. Interesting hair. Interesting expression.

Who said, dresses were just meant for “girly”girls?

7. Dark romance


Dark slinky fabrics, a burgundy lip and Mary Janes. It’s like the girl-next-door just found her dark side.

8. Local inspiration


No earrings. Just a chunky choker and a matching watch. Love the ethnic inspiration in this uptown look.

9. Sieves for style


Nothing like a bright smile and happy shoes to lift up an outfit. The sieves? Well, she’s pulling it off!

10. “My sun and moon”


Night-sky dress and a morning-light jacket. With a neckline that cuts through it all. “Small” women, when it comes to skimpy necklines, you’re blessed. So don’t take it for granted. 😉

_ _ _

Well, so with this gorgeous selection of images from wearabout, I’m sure you guys will now look at your wardrobe in a completely new light.

As for the people featured here, guys keep doing what you’re doing. Cause its working.


Until my next post.




5 Shoes you need to own… like NOW!

The Fall 2015 and Spring/Summer 2016 catwalks had some pretty interesting takes on foot-armour; some ostentatious, others goddamn brilliant.

With budget and reality coming in the way of picking the trend as is, we decided to go ahead and break inspiration down into key easy-to-wear styles.


Well, well… you’ve probably seen them on every self-confessed fashion-lover and while it may not have permeated down to the masses YET, but it’s definitely been incorporated into the wardrobes of celebrities like Rihanna and Rosie Huntington globally, and Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma closer home.


We’re talking about The White Sneaker. Having fast gained popularity, it’s being teamed with anything from the obvious blue denim to the surprisingly refreshing midi dress. Yes there are women who can pull that off!

sneakers_1So while the white sneaker is an essential go-to, the more experimental can choose to cross the line and venture into unchartered territory by opting for prints, polka dots, graphics and embellishments in their choice of comfy lace-ups.

Because that’s what the catwalks were about.

Being experimental, wild and beautifully bizarre.



This may seem like the most obvious answer in the book, but the catwalks reiterated its presence once again. We’re guessing it’s the pump’s inherent versatility and ability to walk from boardroom to ballroom while keeping style levels intact, that’s got the style back on the radar.

pumpsIf you don’t already own a pair, we recommend investing in a pair of classic blacks or nudes. (or both!)

Tip: Ensure they’re comfortable and consider spending extra, if needed. No point buying it for cheap and watching it gather dust on your shoe rack.



Still an unconventional choice for the Indian sensibility, Oxfords are currently in the yet-to-be-accepted category which make them all the more desirable! Available in just a handful of stores and online shops, these sleek lace-ups make for an essential addition to your wardrobe. From cut-off trousers and folded denims to floral dresses, the Oxfords are ideal for toughening up feminine silhouettes and infusing a no-nonsense vibe to the quintessential work gear.


The catwalks featured emboldened versions with snazzy heels and patent brights doing most of the talking. However, if you’re a lace-up virgin, start off by investing in a neutral toned one. Beiges, nudes, mahoganies…you get the drift.


Chunky, block heels

Say goodbye to clutching the railing and straddling to work! Pump in glamour to your day-to-day life with gorgeous shoes armed with the most comfortable heels around. The chunky heel and block heel are back and how!


Yes, this means you don’t need back-breaking stilettos to steal the spotlight anymore. Almost every designer plugged this heel into their collection and footwear. From Oxfords to open-toed sandals and even boots, the chunky heel stared out, doe-eyed and confident.

Go ahead and grab a pair and make sure it’s the most playful, bright and funky piece in store!



Okay, you may feel this trend is not for you and we request you to rethink. They’re comfy, they’re trendy and they go with everything. So why shy away from this boyfriend-inspired lazy shoe?


Higher on the style charts that the conventional strappy sandal, loafers come with the added comfort and ability to be teamed with everything from pants to dresses!

So ditch the girly straps for some androgynous style and you’ll be hooked before you know it!

Anyway, that’s all for now.

ta-ta and happy shoe-shopping. 🙂

_ _ _