5 types of ‘bloggers’ you’ll meet on Instagram

When you’re a wannabe blogger like me and are really-really interested in fashion (and stylish women), you end up following a lot of people online. You get their id’s from Vogue or you suddenly read about them somewhere, or your friend tells you that you have-to-have-to follow this one, and soon even Instagram is in on the plot (and guesses your secret ambition to harness a million followers) and begins to show you “recommendations”; and before you know it you’re following a 1000 people with very few people returning the favour – yes, let me be very frank about expressing my honest hurt. *sniff*

And after all that following and commenting (‘you-must-comment-for-them-to-comment-back’ – which NEVER works with me), you’re still stuck with 570 followers (Oh, shit, now its 566 – why are people unfollowing me?), you’re like @#$%, what am I doing wrong?

Anyway, long story short – I don’t think I have it in me yet to make it as an Instagram “visual” blogger – either I am really ugly or I lack skills, and so I have come back to wordpress, to well, try and analyse what are the “types” of bloggers ruling the online space.

But, before I start…

Disclaimer: This article does not intend to classify or discredit the uniqueness of each individual online by amassing them into “types”. It is merely an attempt to decode what is it that really works online.

  1. Head-to-toe perfectionists

They are the bloggers who look like they actually spent time to craft and curate every look for every photo they upload – I am sure every blogger does this – but this category actually adheres to the theme and pulls it off brilliantly. Case in point – That Boho Girl. Every look is perfect – boho – her makeup is never out of place – hair is always styled to perfection – her pictures makes me (and my blog) want to hide under a rock – yes, that level of perfection.

2. Wander-lusters

They are the bikini-clad, suntanned, beautifully-bleached haired people that you find sprawled under a coconut tree or sipping a martini on a hammock or water-babying it up at the Bahamas. In other words, they are the bloggers, who make the rest of us feel like we are leading really sucky lives. Their pictures make us want to throw a resignation letter at our bosses and take the first flight out to the exotic Fijis and Balis of the world – even when deep down we know that we neither have the money, the guts or the bodies to pull it off.


3. Hot People

Well, this is a category of people who are just hot. They aren’t (usually) modelling clothes or selling looks or even promoting products – they are just really gorgeous and lead really gorgeous lives and post really gorgeous pictures of their really gorgeous lives. And since they amass an envious number of followers, thanks to their booming Instagram personality, soon they are modelling clothes and selling looks and promoting products. I think, they’re called “influencers”.

4. Hash-taggers

Well, this is a category of people who have managed to win followers thanks to using the right hashtags and following the right people, and tagging the right handles. Their content is average, their pictures are dull and they generally have no real theme to their blog. They are the ones who are just really smart. And really dedicated. And I tried to fit my blog into this bucket. But seems even this didn’t work out for me

5. Controversials

They are people who have an insane Instagram following due to cutthroat content that’s provocative and sometimes controversial. From a new generation of feminist artists like Nimish Bhanot to free-the-nipple activists, this is an interesting space to be in, if your work genuinely raises some good points. So, yes, some scope here.

Well, yeah, so that is it for now.

Some of you may argue that this is a simplistic view of the blogger landscape and I do agree – but who am I to delve in to the depth, anyway.

After all, I am just another wannabe blogger.


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