Quora is the new Tinder. And self-love is the new goal.

A few years ago, my friend had commented on this really good answer given by a guy on Quora. And she’d written, “I wish I had a boyfriend like you.”

It was such a good answer that she’d shown us all. I don’t remember much of it, though.

Years passed. And life took over. But fate had something different planned.

Because… last month, they met again. But this time on Tinder. And the rest, as they say, is history.

_ _ _

You’ve broken up recently. Say around 5 to 11 months ago.  You were hung-up over everything about him. But with each passing day, you’re better. You’ve never been this fit. You’ve never even looked this hot. And your skin is just glowing from all the free time you’ve had after your break up. Time you’ve spent primping and polishing and shining it. You’ve been sleeping 10 hours every night so your dark circles have gone. You aren’t eating out anymore so your skin’s glowing with home-cooked health. And you feel like you’re ready for another whirlwind of sleepless nights, bottles of wine and Chinese takeout.

So what do you do? Traditionally you’d ask a friend to set you up. Or you’d log on to Tinder.

But wait a second? Why don’t you try Quora?

Yes, you heard me. Quora. The forum where people ask questions (some of them really lame) and experts answer them (some of them really well).

And who knows whose answer you may like? Or who may like YOUR answer?


And if Quora doesn’t work, there’s LinkedIn (for fellow frustrated-with-their-job people), Zomato (for fellow foodies), Art Parasites (for fellow poets and healers) and Twitter (for fellow opinion expressers). Or you could always go to a bookshop, coffee shop, library, monument or the queue outside the loo at a bar and try your luck.

And, if none of this works, then maybe you need to take more time out sleeping, reading and pampering yourself. And when the self-love is skyrocketing, try again.

It’s indeed true and I have seen so myself. The minute your self-love increases, you find love from elsewhere too. It’s uncanny. I guess inner happiness reflects outside. And you begin giving out positive vibes. So much so, that people are attracted to you from back in time (like this Quora story). Or from unexplored territories (Like someone you didn’t even speak to, suddenly walks into your life and says hello).

But, because this is Chai High and it is supposed to be a fashion blog, I’ve of course, got to bring the topic back to fashion.

So why don’t you go this evening and do something that makes you love yourself even more? Like going to the gym and working yourself sweaty. Or buying a dress that shows off those curves.


And if the way you look doesn’t affect your state of mind, then do the things that you know will spark you off. Like writing a story, painting a scenery, cracking an idea or nailing a presentation. And when you’re done loving yourself, you’ll find love. And not just romantic love. Family love, friend love and maybe even dog love!

So, this Monday, drive away the blues by doing something that’ll make you feel great about yourself. It could even be something like giving up a bad habit. Smoking. Or it could be something like calling up a friend you haven’t spoken to in years.

And maybe someone from ten years ago may show up out of nowhere. And it could be your lucky charm.

_ _ _





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