Maybe its time you forgot fashion

too what

Okay. So how many of you follow rules when it comes to style? Like, ‘OMG that dress is so “day”’, or ‘Never let those bra straps show’, or ‘Don’t pair prints with prints’?

Let me guess. Most of you.

With fashion magazines dictating what to do and what not to do. And the so-called“style” section in newspapers’  attempting to take the role of a fashionista but sounding alarmingly amateurish. And celebrity interviews in which a certain actress will be asked her style mantra and she will blurt out a standard cliché like “Always have a lot of white shirts, blue jeans and LBDs in your closet” or something, I can’t really blame you.

Ok. Now that I have attempted to diss everything you know and pride yourself on knowing about fashion, let’s get serious. Forget what I just said. And think for yourself.

What is your body type? What colours do you like? What fabric is good for your skin? What prints suit you?

And then make your decision.

You don’t have to strut around in back-breaking heels and tiny tank top, just because a Deepika Padukone is doing so. In fact even Deepika doesn’t do that anymore.  She has a unique style sense because she chooses to wear sarees highlighting her gorgeous waist.

And you definitly don’t have to wear tight fitting dresses or asset-enhancing pants to look hot. Trust me. Of course if fitted clothes is your thing and you feel comfortable in them, go right ahead. All, I intend to say is that, wear what’s you.

What you feel happy in. Even if it means going braless. Or going extra padded. Going extra baggy or extra tight.

And try to add a bit of creativity to everything you wear. I read about a fashion writer who wore lacy bras under low cut dresses, so that the lace peeked in just a little from the top. I think it was her who also went sans bra on certain off-duty days with her “titty tank”.

Then of course there is the whole “tacky or classy” debate about coloured bra straps underneath racer backs and tubes.

Urban India may be a bit conservative when it comes to experimenting. But when you do travel in your local trains in Mumbai, have you ever noticed how beautifully dressed the local woman is? With her gold hooped earrings, tightly pulled back bun and a crisp saree?

Or the flower girl at the traffic signal with her floral long skirt and a nose ring?

India is creative in her dressing. Its just us who limit ourselves time and again, blindly following trends.

I can’t claim to have fully opened myself to the beauty India holds. But I do intend to be more proactive when it comes to daily dressing.

Which includes, incorporating the saree into my work wardrobe. And wearing blouses that break the convention of “blouses”. Which means experimenting with cuts, prints and even fabrics like knit.

I also intend to wear more skirts and dresses designed from traditional and indigenous fabrics. More handicraft. And more natural. I intend to design everything I wear in due time and to somehow buy at least a few things that help the rural craft community.

Because according to me, fashion can be much more than ramp shows, red lips and pouting celebrities. In other words, it can be the truth. Which is the craft and art and skill that goes behind each finished garment and its toiling craftsman. Combined with your unique style in putting it all together. Be it wearing a neon bra under a translucent white shirt and a mirrorwork lehenga. Or a kantha saree with a titty tank and heaps of kajal. Or a pencil skirt crafted from Northeastern handloom with a Forever 21 black tee.

Well, well, here is your inspiration for the weekend. Think about what I’ve written. And when you’re out on the streets, think about how you can best incorporate the beauty from there into your own personal style.

Till next week,


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